• What type of sessions do you do?  I do couple sessions in Barcelona, post-wedding sessions, wedding reports, family sessions, hand asked photo sessions, bachelor parties etc.
  • We want to get married in Barcelona, do you do weddings?  Yes, I am specialized in wedding reportage.
  • We travel for our honeymoon to Barcelona and we want to have a souvenir, we can do the photo session in our wedding dresses?  Yes, no problem! We can make the wedding dress photo session, this would be a post wedding session.
  • We traveled for the first time to Barcelona, could you advise us about the best places in Barcelona to do the photo shoot? Of course! I can be your guide and your photographer 🙂  In my PORTFOLIO you can see many locations and you can tell me what they like you more. Barcelona has many possibilities, you can do photo sessions in the old town, on the beach, in the mountains, in squares, in parks and also visit the Gaudi’s architecture.
  • Can we choose more than one location?  Of course! We could do a tour around the locations that you prefer.
  • During the session we want to change clothes, is it possible?  Of course! you can have a part of the session dressed more formal and a part dressed more informal.
  • How long does a photoshoot last?  You can choose a pack of 1 hour, 2 hours and 3 hours, if you want  more than 3 hours, you can ask for extra hours. I advise you that the photo session will last at least two hours since there is too much to see and photograph 🙂
  • Do we have to know how to pose?  It´s not necessary, you are not models, I will guide you a little and we will combine posed photos with some of them more spontaneous.
  • The photos that you are going to give us are retouched?  Yes, all the photos I will give you are retouched and perfectly adjusted. I will deliver the retouched photos in maximum resolution in case you want to make copies on paper, and also, I will deliver the photos retouched in low resolution, if you want to share them on the internet.
  • How many photos do you give us?  That depends a bit on the number of hours you hire me, for example in a three-hour photo shoot, I can give you around 100 retouched photos.
  • How do you give us the photos?  The photos are sent via wetransfer, and can be downloaded very easily.
  • How much are photo shoots?  Get in touch with me, and I’ll send you my rates. CONTACT